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Across the negev tours,Jerusalem to Eilat jeep

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About 60% of the land of Israel is desert.The Negev  region is a huge area ,12000 square kilometers,and most of it ,nearly uninhabited and  remote from all. All along the rich history of the holy land that region was nomad land.

But  for us the travelers and the adventurers it's a gift from heaven. Even a short tour gives a feel of adventure ,and when we camp out overnight under the clear blue sky , it's a memory for life.

An outstanding way to explore the holy land through the desert is to take a four days tour from Jerusalem,across the Judea desert and  the dead sea ,from there south towards the Zin valley and the Negev highlands ,Makhtesh Ramon and then along the Nabatean spice routes to the Arava valley and it's amazing canyons and finally reaching  the beautiful  red sea bay in Eilat

This tours can be done in both directions and can be adjusted according to you're schedule.There are few options of lodging from camping under million stars to  luxury hotels

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