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Our Negev region tours        

Machtesh Ramon            


The Zin valley            


4x4 Desert Tours in Israel

Since the prehistoric ages people lived in the Negev. There are many sites they left behind .in the modern age, the arrival of the motorized transportation was first by armed forces and later by oil searches, ,geologists that explore the Negev looking for treasures and seek for the riddle of the craters. They were followed by adventurers and then ,by the time ,it became more familiar to the public. Nowadays it's just few minutes drive from Mitzpe Ramon,and it's easy to get there just for a short ride .

There are many options to tour the desert ,and the best way is a jeep ride (especially  if you are short in time).

We can offer you  a short jeep tour of two and a half  hours to Machtesh Ramon.

Or a four hours jeep tours to Machtesh Ramon or to the spring of the Zin valley.

The jeep tours along the Nabatean spice routes are one day tour.

 The Har Karkom jeep tours are one or two days long.

The cross-the-negev-tours are of three or four days long ,according to you're choise.

Combined tour day starting at Ben-Gurion’s Tomb National Park,at Ben gurion college,with the beautiful landscape of the Zin valley,then a visit at one of the farms that were established on the wine road,then The ruins of Avdat, the greatest Nabatean city in the Negev ,a world heritage site as a part of the nabatean incense route,and finally a desert tour in the Ramon crater ,another world heritage site as a part of the Makhteshim country.

For customized tour in the holy land,according to you're schedule and budget ,please call us for details 

               the nabatean incense route   





Har Karkom - Mt. Sinai





Across the Negev desert tours           


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