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Har  karkom (Mt. karkom)  -  Mt. Sinai

On this one or two day jeep tour, we are heading west towards the Israeli Egyptian border, our destination is Har Karkom .this Mountain, in the southwest Negev desert in Israel, is possibly the biblical Mt. Sinai .Excavations on the mountain,made by Professor Emmanuel Anati,discovered that it was a major paleolithic cult center,and many of the finding are evidence that Har Karkom was sacred to ancient cultures.It's location is on the suggested route of the children of Israel in the exodus from Egypt 

Climbing the mountain with the holy bible in our hands,and watching  the art of rock engravings ,gives the impression that the artists that made them wanted to commemorate the sacred mountain. Some of the archaeological discoveries,like altars,shrines and rock engravings ,are connected to what we read in the bible

Since the mountain located in a firing range ,it's possible to visit only at weekends and holidays.

Since It's remote location, it is advised to take a two day tour . Overnight camp  in the desert

Please read more in the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem site:


Mount Karkom is also suggested to be a world heritage site by Unesco. (link)

The Negev news :

Vatican to accept that Mt. Sinai is in Negev ,Israel ,come to find with us the biblicle Mt. Sinai       (link to article)

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