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welcome to the high Negev mountains, Israel.

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Eyal Korin, your private tour guide in the Negev.

Sahar Special Tours, Mitzpe Ramon.

Our most popular jeep tours:

Machtesh Ramon (Ramon crater)

Suggested Unesco World Heritage  site

(Makhteshim country geopark)

The Ramon crater 2- 2½ hours jeep tour:

A short introduction tour to the eastern Ramon crater. Starts from Mitzpe Ramon and down on road 40 to the depths of the crater, leave the paved road and climb up on a 4×4 trail to the most amazing observation point at Mt. Gvanim. From that point we will have a panoramic view, 360 degrees around and the whole dimension of the crater,it’s beautiful colors and shapes, next, we will continue driving on  4×4 trails to wadi Zochalim (reptiles valley) and cross the road to wadi Gvanim. We will stop under the shade of the Acacia trees and get to know the desert world of plants and wildlife.

Next we will drive across the crater on the pipeline road, visit Beerot campground for refreshment and next we will visit one of the rehabilitated Quarries. We get back on the highway and drive back to Mitzpe Ramon.

The cost of a 2-2½ hour tour for one jeep accompanied by a professional tour guide:: 750 shekels

Pickup from Mitzpe Ramon

The Ramon crater 4 hours tour:

We start at Mitzpe Ramon in a very beautiful observation point at the Camel lookout point. Then we will drive down from Mitzpe Ramon on road 40 down to the depths of the crater and enter to the lowest base layers that were formed in this area during the Jurassic era, we can feel and touch amazing stones and rocks, clay and sand in endless colors and shapes then we continue our tour and drive to Saharonim spring and the ancient Nabatean Khan. We will walk around and then continue our tour down on Dekalim ascent to Nekarot horseshoe canyon, a dry river bed, stop for a coffee break in one of the most beautiful spots and continue on driving through wadi Ardon and its dykes (geological phenomenon), We stop under the shade of the Acacia trees and get to know the desert world of plants and wildlife.

Next we will visit Beerot campground for toilet break and next we will drive across the crater on the pipeline road till the south end at Saharonim Mountain, continue to the main road and then 4×4 trails to wadi Zochalim (reptiles).

Then we climb up on a 4×4 trail to the most amazing observation point at Mt. Gvanim.

From that point we can look around 360 degrees and get the whole dimension of the crater, it’s beautiful colors and shapes and get to know and understand this unique geological phenomenon.

Afterwards we get back to the main road and drive back to Mitzpe Ramon.

The tour course can change if we will take hiking trails.

The cost of a 4 hour tour for one jeep accompanied by a professional tour guide:: 1000 shekels

Har Karkom - Mt. Sinai

Suggested Unesco world heritage site

Mt. Karkom one day jeep tour information:

Har Karkom, Karkom Mountain, in the southwest Negev desert in Israel, is possibly the biblical Mt. Sinai. Excavations on the mountain, made by Professor Emmanuel Anati, discovered that it was a major Paleolithic cult center, and many of the findings are evidence that Har Karkom was sacred to ancient cultures. Its location is on the suggested route of the children of Israel in the exodus from Egypt  Its location makes it accessible only by jeeps and since it’s not allowed to use the border road for security reasons, the only way now is to drive down south and then west, about three – three and a half hours drive from Mitzpe Ramon.Since our way to the mountain is through a military firing range  there is a need for permission from the army to enter the area and it is possible to visit there only at SaturdaysGenerally the meeting in Mitzpe Ramon since it is the nearest point to the mountain and the journey takes approximately three hours in each direction . We take road 40 south and drive through the Ramon crater, through the desert of Paran and then to Mt. Karkom.  When we get to the mountain we can start after lunch our hike to the mountain. Climbing up to the mountain followed by many rock engraving art and archeological sites on top of the mountain. The view on top of the mountain towards the Sinai and Paran desert connect us to the biblical story and the unique sites of the desert culture together with abundance findings with ritualistic and sacred characteristics are part of our guidance. The hiking to the mountain is for about 3-4 hours and then we will return to Mitzpe Ramon. Please take into account that a very long and intensive day, over 12 hours.Usually it requires accommodation in Mitzpe Ramon on the night before the tour to make it possible to start the tour early in the morning.

The cost of a one day tour to  Mt. Karkom: 2000 shekels

Tour price includes: one jeep accompanied by a professional tour guide, water supply, coffee and tea.

The Nabatean incense route

Unesco world heritage center

Following the Masters of the desert, the Nabatean incense route one day tour:

The Frankincense and the Myrrh are aromatic scents used in ancient times as incense in worship, essential oils and perfumes, and were the secret of the Nabataea community wealth. In order to guard and be the sole traders of this precious merchandise, brought from Yemen to the Middle East, the Nabataea chose a deadly desert route, possible due to their knowledge of desert survival. On this trip, we will follow their trails in part of the word, declared at as a UNSECO world heritage site. Tour details: We meet at Mitzpe Ramon and start our way along the spice route.  We stop for guidance at Mt. Gevanim one of the best observation points in the crater. We drive along Wadi Gevanim and Ein Saharonim . Take a short walk to see Khan Saharonim, and Ein Saharonim and drive down through Dekalim accent. Our next stop is along the wide and deep wadi Nekarot and Nekarot fort. The route follows the deep Nekarot canyon and then climb up to Katzra fort go down to wadi omer and meet Moa. A walk around the archaeological site of Moa and from there we continue on the 4×4 trails and road 90. From road 90 we drive on the road back to Mitzpe Ramon.

The cost of a one day tour: 1600 shekels.

Tour price includes: one jeep accompanied by a professional tour guide, water supply, coffee and tea.

The Zin valley

Zin valley 2½ hours tour information:

We meet at Ben Gurion’s tomb at Sde Boker , drive down to the Zin valley on the serpentine route then along the gorge of wadi Zin , towards Ein Aqev ,one of the only desert springs that abundant with clear water throughout the year. Few minutes of walk from the parking lot and we are at the water spring. We can dip in the cool pool and rest for a while , then we will return back to our jeeps and climb up to the road.

The price for one jeep accompanied by a professional tour guide:: 800 shekels

Jeep tours across the Negev desert

Integrated  4×4 and hiking tour in the Negev gorges, mountains and canyons.

In the Negev desert there are amazing places, varying landscapes and unusual natural phenomena, all of these can be seen only by engaging in a 4×4 tracks and hiking to these desert beauties.

Most tracks are suitable for all ages, but there are also more challenging tracks.
There are tours that include accommodation in the desert, under the sky in a tent or in an organized campsite, for one night or more.

We can explore the famous Israeli national Trail, and many other amazing tracks throughout the country.

Jeep tours and attractions for families and kids, custom made tours for travelers and tourists.

The Negev region seems to be mysterious, vast and unknown, but in fact there are very beautiful hiking and jeep tracks which are not too difficult or bouncing for those looking for just a little taste of the experience of the desert.

There are jeep tours for children and families, they are light and easy in nature and guidance is oriented for the young travelers, points of interest and routes are adjusted too.

You can book a family tour as a private tour and you can determine your departure time and meeting place in accordance with your will.

Ramon crater short introductory tours of two and a half or four hours at affordable prices, are the most beautiful way to get to know the desert.

Negev outback trips, experience and challenge with professional guidance.

For experienced hikers and adventurous we offer tours that combine cross-walking talking magical landscapes, a jeep tour into the heart of the desert, lodging outings outdoor space and more. We can enhance professional guide and focus on different topics in geology, history, flora and fauna, and more.

Please call for more information about attractions and tours around  Mitzpe Ramon, in the heart of the Negev. 

Mitzpe Ramon tourist information:

 At the heart of the Negev desert, the land of the craters with it’ s various landscapes, the beauty and uniqueness like no other in the world, is our home and our tours generally depart every day from Mitzpe Ramon.

 Mitzpe Ramon stands in splendid isolation heart of the desert.

 The unique character of the high Negev mountains region gives us peace, tranquility, security and lots of free space and clean and clear skies.

 The pleasant weather, wonderful and cool, allowing us to tour the desert over 365 days a year, and enjoy the land of Genesis and the magical landscape around us.

 The largest nature reserve in the country, “the Negev mountains nature Reserve” surrounds Mitzpe Ramon from all sides and the wonderful feeling of living in the heart of nature also exists within the urban space of the community and of course in the hearts of the local people who are hosting you.

 The amazing and the vast Ramon Crater, located right at the foot of Mitzpe Ramon adds a lot of color, forms and views and the wonderful atmosphere, beauty and eeriness. The crater invites us to discover the secrets of the earth.

We can provide you a complete desert adventure in Israel, customized specially for you, in very comfortable prices. If your wish is to camp out in the desert, long range hiking or biking, we can provide you all your logistic needs anywhere in the Negev. 

Our location is in Mitzpe Ramon, in the Negev highlands, Israel, at about 900 meters above the sea level,and from here usually we start our tours.

The Magnificent Makhtesh Ramon (Ramon crater), is just few minutes away.

For years our location made it the best start point for desert tours, hiking, biking and logistics center for all those who come to explore the desert. Our remote location from the center of Israel gives Mitzpe Ramon many qualities. The fresh clean air and an excellent visibility toghther with the high altitude made Mitzpe Ramon one of the best places for astronomy and stargazing.

With an experience of over twenty-five years in the Negev region and independent and personal execution of most of the tours and activities, we will give you the most pleasure and experience on your tour.

All at a most affordable price without the need for middleman fees and payments.

We will be happy to cooperate with tourist agents and Tour Operators from around the world and build for your clients the perfect trip plans.

All the activities we perform are insured,and our jeeps carry “desert vehicle” certificates as required Laws Ministry of Transportation

Feel free to email and ask for more information :

Or call:  972524433286  

Thanks for visiting

Eyal Korin

Sahar Special Tours, Mitzpe Ramon

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